“In Utero” vent’anni dopo. Il ricordo di Dave Grohl

In Utero was the first time I’d made an album that reached into the dark side. I remember the conflict, and the uncertainty. I remember all those things when I hear Pennyroyal Tea, after Kurt died, that summer, I went to see Lollapalooza in Detroit. Nobody ever recognised me back then, and I was sitting in this massive amphitheater waiting for the next band to go on, in the middle of 30,000 people, and All Apologies came over the PA. The entire audience started singing along, and I started crying because it wasn’t that long ago that we had lost Kurt and that album had such an emotional impact on me. It’s still hard to listen to it. I can appreciate Steve Albini’s recording and the musicianship, but overall it kinda breaks my heart that was the last album we made, because I think there were more in us”.

Dave Grohl, 2013.